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The World Events Insurance Special Events liability program has been structured to meet the needs of organizations big and small. We have specifically tailored programs in place that offer the coverage you need to keep your business protected. Our programs are available for one-day special events, annual policies, and anything in between..


We can consider writing general liability, liquor, event cancellation and weather guard for the following types of events:

  • Beer Garden

  • Beer Tent

  • Competition

Program Summary


This program provides primary event liability coverage for short-term non-sports events. This program can provide coverage for events held at a single location up to 5 consecutive event days and up to a maximum total attendance of  500. More than 5 days coverage and 500 attendees requires additional underwriting.  

  • Certificate of Insurance - obtain a Certificate of Insurance with your event site named as an Additional Insured.

  • Host Liquor Liability - provides protection against claims of bodily injury or property damage brought by parties injured as a result of an intoxicated guest who was served alcohol at an event you hosted.

  • Property Damage Liability - Equipment coverage for all owned or rented equipment.

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Request a Certificate

Risk Management

Workers Comp

Equipment Coverage

Coverages Can Include:


  • Commercial General Liability (“slip and fall”) coverage

  • Damage to rented premises 

  • Host Liquor Liability included in all policies

  • Retail Liquor Liability available upon reqeust


  • Event Cancellation

  • Adverse Weather

  • Additional Insured coverage available for co-promoters, venues/lessors, and sponsors




  • Special Event General Liability Claim: Sally attended a golf tournament and tripped over a sprinkler head. She suffered a fractured knee cap, and needed reconstructive surgery. Medical bills totaled $10,000.

  • Special Event General Liability Claim: A youth basketball team was holding a basketball tournament at a YMCA. During the game the gymnasium floor was damaged. The property owner held the basketball team liable for the property damages totaling $10,200.

  • Special Event General Liability Claim: A company held a theater performance at a local high school auditorium. Fake blood was used for a special effect, and the fake blood damaged the curtains in the auditorium. The property owner of the facility is suing the company for the damage to the curtains totaling $7,500.

  • Special Event Liquor Liability Claim: A minor attendee was served alcohol at a brew festival sponsored by the insured. After leaving the festival, the underage attendee got into his car, lost control of his vehicle and struck a telephone pole. He suffered severe facial lacerations. The attendee is suing the event sponsor and the beer vendor for illegal service to a minor to cover his medical bills totaling $150,000.

  • Host Liquor Liability Claim: An attendee was drinking heavily at a holiday party hosted by the insured. While driving home, the attendee lost control of her vehicle and hit a tractor-trailer head on. The driver of the truck suffered severe injuries. The driver brought suit against the host of the party for negligence in serving the intoxicated guest. The driver’s injuries total $300,000.


2010 - present

2010 - present

How to Apply?


We offer two (2) insurance programs for Special Events. Read below to determine which policy  is better for you.

Program A (Low Hazard Special Event)

If either of these characteristics describe your event, apply for Program A.

  1. Event less than 5 consecutive days.

  2. Maximum number of attendees must be less than 500 per day.

  3. Event may only have one location.

Starting at $117.50

Program B 

If either of these characteristics describe your event, apply for Program B.

  1. Event has more than 5 consecutive days or multiple days

  2. More than 500 attendees.

  3. Event has more than one location

  4. Not on event type list in program A

Please note that a $25.00 administrative fee will be added to all policies.
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