As a DJ you need to have protection in place not just for yourself and your equipment, but also the audience. You're in an environment where things can sometimes go wrong, your expensive equipment could easily be damaged. You also face some liability risks when you move equipment, set up a laser show, or turn on a fog machine. Don't take the risk of losing your gear or getting into an expensive liability lawsuit without protection. Many venues will only hire DJ's who are properly insured, so it’s vital that you get the right coverage.


As a DJ you make sure every last detail is in order for your clients. You want to be prepared for anything. So why wouldn’t you bring the same attention to detail to your own small business?

What Kind of Liability Insurance is best for you?


The coverage that is best for you depends on the details of your business. Many World Events customers optimize their DJ insurance by choosing General Liability insurance and Property/Equipment insurance and Employee Crime Insurance. To assure that you get the best coverage for your business, see the examples below.

Property/Equipment Insurance


Equipment insurance protects your DJ business for damage or loss of DJ equipment that you use in the course of your business. DJ equipment is expensive and while the higher-end equipment is built to last, accidents do happen. Your DJ equipment insurance can protect you. Some examples of why you might need DJ equipment insurance are:

  • Damaged Equipment: You are traveling from your home to the event. When you get to the event, you realize that your DJ equipment was damaged during transit. Without insurance, you could be out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Your mobile DJ insurance policy can cover all types of equipment including turntables, speakers, and even smaller items like your records.

  • Stolen Equipment: You have stepped away from your equipment to talk to the event planner and when you return the DJ stand for your CD player is missing. An uninsured DJ has little recourse outside of just filing a police report. With DJ insurance, you can get reimbursed for the value of equipment that you have insured and could not be recovered.


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General Liability Insurance


Sometimes called commercial general liability (CGL) is DJ/KJ/VJ insurance that protects your business from another person or business's claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to property. Having this kind of coverage is beneficial in several instances:

  • Bodily injury: You are on stage and suddenly someone trips and falls on the cord of your DJ mixer and are rushed to the hospital. It may seem far-fetched, but there is precedent for attendees suing the entertainment when things go sideways, even in instances where the DJ is not necessarily at fault. If you’re sued because they were hurt at your event, you could potentially be held liable for injury. Your DJ insurance could protect you from the legal costs..

  • Property damage: Let’s say you are talking to the organizer while setting up your DJ equipment and accidentally spill liquid on the stage curtains which are white. He may sue you for causing damage to his property. Your DJ liability insurance may cover the claim up to your general liability policy’s limits of liability.


2010 - present

2010 - present

Employee Crime Insurance


Employee Crime includes three things excluded by Property/Equipment Insurance: (1) Employee Dishonesty, (2) Forgery or alteration and (3) Theft, Disappearance and Destruction. Because dishonest acts of employees (such as theft of all of the business equipment by an employee) are excluded from the property policy, Employee Crime was created to fill a coverage gap to provide other needed crime coverage. Employee Crime also provides protection for the loss of money and securities due to theft.


How to Apply?


We offer two programs for insurance for Event Planners. Read below to determine if one policy might be better for you than the other.

Program A (Short Term Gig)

If either of these characteristics describe what you need, apply for Program A.

  1. Standard policy offering  $1M per-occurrence with Higher Aggregate available.

  2. Up to 5 days coverage. Longer terms available

Starting at $50.00

Program B

If either of these characteristics describe what you need, apply for Program A.

  1. Standard policy offering  $1M per-occurrence with Higher Aggregate available.

  2. Optional Coverages Available: Equipment, Increased Aggregate Limits, Employee Crime 

Starting at $276.00

Program C

If you would like a more detailed policy, apply for Program B.

  1. You need a higher per-occurrence limit than the $1M that Program A offers. Check your contract with the facility or client to see if they specify a per-occurrence requirement.

  2. Policy comes standard with $2M Aggregate, higher limits available.

  3. Property/Equipment required

  4. Optional Coverages Available: Business Income/Extra Expense, Rented Equipment, Library Stock, Hired/Non-owned Auto, available upon request

Starting at $457.00

Please note that a $25.00 administrative fee will be added to all policies.
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