How do I file a claim?

File a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Download an insurance occurrence form and email it to or fax to 209-888-5094

Download an insurance occurrence form

It is in the event of a claim that an insurance broker has an obvious opportunity to demonstrate the quality of his service.  World Events Insurance Solutions will always act on behalf of the client, assisting him / her in the lodging of the claim and then ensuring the claim is handled swiftly, efficiently and fairly.


Procedures are tailored to make the system as simple and efficient as possible for all parties.  Discussions would be conducted with you to determine the most effective method.


Our intention is to make the process as simple as possible and to enable you to contact our office for a claim form or, alternatively, you may obtain claim forms from our website. This service includes our staff attending seminars or information nights etc. to explain the coverage in person and to answer questions.


With our emphasis on safety, we place a great deal of importance on working with you in reviewing claims data to aid in the risk management process.  We meet you regularly to study detailed claims statistics with the aim of identifying intervention strategies and are able to provide reports tailor-made to assist your industry in minimizing any trends.

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