The Beauty Insurance program designed for professionals involved in Massage Therapies, Energy and Healing Touch, Cosmetology, Estethics, Nail Technicians and Face/Body Painting.  This policy offers coverage for both your general liability and professional liability, as well as $2,000 to cover your equipment.

  • Massage therapists

  • Cosmetologists

  • Estheticians

  • Nail technicians

  • Face/Body painters

  • Makeup Artists

  • Cosmetologists

  • Hair Stylist

  • Barber

  • Reiki / Energy Worker

  • Lash Artist

  • Aromatherapy

  • Animal Massage

  • Reflexololgy

  • More...

Coverage Details


Purchasing insurance through the Beauty & Bodywork Insurance Program you get a competitive insurance policy with low premiums. The Beauty & Bodywork Insurance Program accomplishes this by using the purchasing power of a Risk Purchasing Group, which passes cost savings onto you. Once enrolled, each individual is issued a certificate of insurance showing your own individual liability limits; you don't share coverage limits with others, just premium savings. Your insurance policy becomes effective immediately after your online payment is verified, this only takes a few moments. Once the payment is processed, you can print your insurance certificate and add any additional insureds if necessary through your customer portal. Everything is at your fingertips.

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Risk Management

Coverage Includes Suits Arising Out Of:


  • Injury or death of customers

  • Property damage liability

  • Products liability coverage (completed operations)

  • All activities necessary to conduct activities

  • Ownership, use or facilities

  • General negligence claims

  • Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless

  • Corporal punishment


2010 - present

Limits of Insurance


General & Professional Liability Aggregate - $3,000,000

The most your policy will pay in a 12 month policy period for bodily injury and property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.

Products & Completed Operations Aggregate - $3,000,000

The maximum amount your policy will pay in a 12-month period for bodily injury and property damage claims that result from the products you use to perform your services. However, it does not cover products that are sold or distributed.

Personal & Advertising Injury - Included

The amount that your policy will pay for claims arising out of one or more of the following offenses:
-False Arrest, detention or imprisonment; -Malicious prosecution; -Wrongful Eviction or Wrongful Entry
-Oral or written publications that slander or libels a person or organization; -Oral or written publication or material that violates a person's right of privacy; -The use of another's advertising idea in your advertisement

Each Occurrence - $2,000,000

The maximum the insurance carrier will pay for a bodily injury or property damage claim that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business and professional services.

Damage to Premises Rented to you - $300,000

Applies to damage by fire to premises rented to the insured and to damage regardless of cause to premises (including contents) occupied by the insured for 7 days or less.

Inland Marine / Business Personal Property - $2,000

Inland marine insurance covers tangible property that is movable or transportable in nature (e.g. supplies, equipment, or inventory) but excludes coverage for structures and items that are part of the structure. $100 deductible applies.

2010 - present

How to Apply?

We offer two programs for Beauty Liability insurance. Read below to determine if one policy might be better for you than the other. If you need a more extensive coverage, please contact us for a quote.

Program A


If either of these characteristics describe what you need, apply for Program A.

  1. Standard policy offering  $2M per-occurrence $3M Aggregate

  2. Annual Term

  3. Unlimited Additional Insured.

  4. Instant Online Coverage

Starting at $88.00

Program B


If you would like a more detailed policy, apply for Program B.

  1. Annual Policy Package

  2. IWorkers' Compensation

  3. Certificates of Insurance

  4. Optional Coverage Available: Business Personal Property Equipment, Professional Liability

Starting at $350.00 (Premium 100% fully earned)

Get Started

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